Friday, 23 July 2010

Of an introductory purpose

Greetings, one and all, to my Musings. I am Shinsworth, British teenager and self-proclaimed philosopher. Today, I begin a blog which I will hopefully be able to keep up for a while to come. With luck, my readers might enjoy my posts, too.

Tonight is a big night, as a close friend of mine is hosting a party of reasonable size. All told, about 23 people are attending. I may be sixteen, but this is actually my first big party amongst my fellow students. I was never spectacularly popular, as I've marked myself out as a weird one from the start.

Personally, I am wary of it. I have no desire to attend an underage drinking contest- I reserve a fair amount of disdain for such affairs. That's not to say that this party will definitely end up like that, but I'm still not entirely confident about it. In the end, good or bad, it's an experience that I have yet to have, so I plan to go. Some view these sorts of things as rites of passage- stages of initiation towards becoming an adult, where you'll hopefully learn how to do this sort of thing responsibly. I would hope that I have that responsibility now, without having to get myself slaughtered in order to learn it.

Since including more elaborate content would break my precious flow, I'm going to wrap this post up here. I hope you enjoy reading what's to come.

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